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Redeemed villainess Heidi Ambrose

Heidi Ambrose (Sabrina Grdevich) is a hidden redeemed villainess from "Stay of Execution," episode 3.06 of Ransom (airdate March 30, 2019).

10 years prior, Heidi Ambrose prosecuted against Carlos Perez for the murder of Lowell Schroeder, a murder that Carlos ended up convicted of and sentenced to death row. In the episode's events, Carlos and his wife, Donna Perez, became clients of Eric Beaumont due to the revelation that Carlos was innocent of the crime, and that he would be executed in 48 hours. The investigation's progression revealed that the video evidence that led to Carlos' conviction was tampered with, and as also revealed, Heidi had known that the security video was swapped with video that incriminated Carlos in Lowell's murder. Upon learning this, however, Heidi turned heel by covering up the truth and convicting Carlos, which resulted in an elevation to DA.

Heidi was in an important election in the episode's events, and during Eric's encounter with Heidi, he noticed that she didn't flinch when the tampered video was mentioned. He brought this up in the episode's climax, which saw the execution set to take place, doing so after Heidi defended the conviction and the three strikes law. The villainess was challenged to look Eric in the eye and state that she didn't know about the video, only for Heidi to state that everything else had lined up on the case. Eric pleaded with Heidi to make a call to the governor's office, which Heidi does due to her extreme remorse over her actions, marking her redemption. Heidi's fate following the call wasn't revealed.


  • Sabrina Grdevich also played villainess Freya Marks on Flashpoint.