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The unnamed Maid was a villainess mentioned in the 2021 film, The Deadliest Lie (alternately titled, A Dangerous Thing). She was the main villainess of a fairy tale known as The Goose Girl, which was told by Giselle, a recent friend of main protagonist Samantha Connelly.

As the story went, a queen sent her daughter to marry a prince in a faraway land, with a maid and a talking horse accompanying the princess on her journey. The princess was given a special charm by her mother, which was made from the queen's own blood, to protect her on her way, but as the journey progressed, the maid stopped taking orders from the princess. Once they reached a river, the princess stopped to get a drink of water, but as she does so, her charm falls in the river and is swept away.

With the princess' protection over her gone, the maid began her heel turn by ordering the princess to swap clothes with her, as well as promise to never tell anyone about their arrangement under the threat of killing the princess if she did. Afterwards, the maid introduced herself to the king's son as the princess and ends up marrying the prince, while the actual princess was forced to tend to the geese. Though the maid succeeds in her goal, she became paranoid that her secret would be discovered, and afterwards, the maid fully turned heel by having the talking horse slaughtered so he wouldn't reveal the truth.

Later on, the king caught the actual princess talking to the horse's skull and asks for her story, with the princess revealing the entire truth in response. As a result, the princess ended up marrying the prince, while the evil maid ended up tossed in a spiked barrel and dragged all over the city until her death.