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Susan Bannister

The evil Susan Bannister

Susan Bannister (Nicole Marie Johnson) is the main villainess from the 2023 Lifetime film, You'll Never Leave Me (originally titled, A Deadly Mistake; airdate June 1, 2023).


Susan Bannister is the wife of Patrick Bannister, who was revealed to be having an affair with main protagonist April Cook. The illicit relationship was shown in the film's opening, which saw April confront Patrick after learning about Susan. April ended the affair and urged Patrick to move on as well, but as they were driving, the pair ended up in a car accident, with a later scene revealing that Patrick sped up and crashed his car after proclaiming his love for April.

As for Susan, she was shown at Patrick's bedside before angrily confronting April, which revealed that she had known about the affair. April stated that she had informed Patrick that their relationship was over, only for Susan to completely dismiss April's statements.

Heel Turn[]

Heel Susan Bannister

Susan's evil glare after attacking Kathy

Patrick was in an induced coma following the accident, all the while, Susan turned heel by plotting to kill April, doing so out of revenge and a fear that Patrick would go back to April once he wakes up. She enlisted Patrick's half-brother, Jimmy Conway, in her plan, which included Susan tracking Kathy, a nurse who tended to April, and bludgeoning her with a crowbar (Kathy survived the attack). The deranged madwoman ordered Jimmy to get close to April before killing her, though Jimmy would back out of every opportunity to kill April, as he had developed actually romantic feelings for Susan's intended victim.

Lisa Cook, April's sister, sent Marie (the sisters' best friend) to look into Jimmy, which resulted in Marie tracking Jimmy to Susan's house, where they were revealed as co-conspirators. Susan informed Jimmy that she had been paying his cooking school tuition in exchange for his services, and also ordered Jimmy to eliminate April, with the meeting officially revealing that she attacked Kathy. However, Susan noticed that Jimmy was developing romantic feelings for April, and after spotting Marie following Jimmy, the evil Susan held Marie at gunpoint before forcing her inside the house. Once Marie saw the photo of Patrick, she realized who Susan really was, which was followed by Susan shooting Marie to death.

Climax and Arrest[]

Susan Bannister Gun

Susan holding Lisa and April at gunpoint

Susan later ordered Jimmy to complete his mission before burying Marie's body and making it appear that she was shot during a robbery. Afterwards, Susan received a call that Patrick had died, and once she received the news, the villainess again ordered Jimmy to kill April, ignoring Jimmy's statements about April's innocence by voicing her belief that April had to die. Susan threatened to pin Marie's murder on Jimmy, who later left the house appearing to comply with his maniacal sister-in-law's orders. However, Susan later received a text from Jimmy stating that he would not kill April, and in the climax's progression, Susan entered April's house and held both her and Lisa at gunpoint.

The villainess accidentally shot Jimmy after demanding to know the details about April's call to her mother, Stella Cook, who appeared at the door but was ejected by April--under the threat of Lisa being killed by Susan. As she left, Stella sensed something was off and returned to the house and fought Susan, with the brawl ending with April smashing a vase on Susan's head. As Stella revealed in the final scenes, Susan was arrested for her murderous scheme.