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Evil lawyer/scam artist Stephanie

Stephanie (Shaunté Massard) is the main villainess from Attorney Tries to Scam Businessman, Instantly Regrets It, a short film released by Dhar Mann Studios (release date September 7, 2021).

Stephanie was introduced as the lawyer for Fred, a man who was in a wheelchair with an injured neck, with the claim that the injuries stemmed from a bad fall at a restaurant owned by Carlos (the film's main protagonist). The film opened with both parties in court, with Stephanie claiming that Fred's attempt to hold to the support bar resulted in the bar falling off and causing Fred's fall and injuries, which Stephanie blamed on Carlos' negligence in putting up the bar. Carlos denied the accusations of negligence, only for Stephanie to display photos proving her case, which resulted in Fred being awarded $25,000 in damages, along with Stephanie's attorney fees.

Stephanie later scolded Carlos for taking advantage of Fred, but shortly afterwards, it was revealed that both Stephanie and Fred were scam artists, as the pair boasted over their success. Stephanie later stopped Fred from removing the neck brace and standing up, adding that they would be exposed before stating that she found another business to target. Carlos, who overheard the pair, tracked the villainous pair to a clothing store, where Stephanie was revealed to be in possession of a screwdriver--which revealed that the villainess sabotaged the bar at Carlos' restaurant as part of their scam against him.

Stephanie entered the store's dressing room and loosened the screws on the support bar, and after Fred entered, he committed his "accidental fall" and claimed to be badly injured. Afterwards, Stephanie appeared and introduced herself as a personal injury attorney, while informing the store's owners that they would be sued for negligence. As the pair celebrated their payment from the last case, Carlos confronted the pair and informed them that he would tell Judge Garland about their ruse, doing so while displaying a camera full of photographic evidence. At that moment, Fred took the camera and handed the memory card to Stephanie, who swallowed it. Carlos' attempt to capture Fred standing up came up short, as Fred returned to his wheelchair in time, prompting the pair to boast and laugh at Carlos for having no evidence against them.

The following day saw the evil Stephanie attempt to portray Carlos as having a personal vendetta against herself and Fred, and later laugh at Carlos' statements about what the villainess had done to the photographic evidence against the pair. Stephanie demanded additional punitive damages, but just as Garland was about to rule in their favor, a man (the same one Carlos encountered; later revealed as an undercover federal agent) arrived with photos of Stephanie and Fred's scam. After being exposed, Fred stood up and pinned all of the blame on Stephanie, who lashed out at Fred before she was handcuffed and arrested. The villainess attempted to demand that she should be released, only for Carlos to scold her for taking advantage of others.


Shaunté Massard
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