Rebecca Logan (The Lie)

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The villainous Rebecca Logan

Rebecca Logan (Mireille Enos) is a villainess from the 2018 film, The Lie. She is an attorney and the ex-wife of Jay Logan, as well as the mother of their daughter, Kayla Logan.

In the film, Jay drives Kayla to a ballet retreat, but on the way, Kayla spotted her best friend, Britney Ismail, and picked her up, as she was headed to the same retreat. During the drive, Britney claimed that she needed to go to the bathroom, leading to Jay pulling over before both girls left the car, only for Jay to hear his daughter scream in horror and claim that she accidentally pushed Britney over the bridge and to her death.

After informing Rebecca, both parents work to cover for Kayla, though they are visited by Britney's father, Sam Ismail, as he had been looking for Britney. Rebecca falsely claimed that Britney was at a doctor's office, and after Jay informed Rebecca that Britney had a bruise on her face, he coerces Rebecca to portray Sam as being abusive as part of a plan to send suspicion towards him. Rebecca went to her friend, Kenji Tagata (a detective), and made the claim that Sam was abusing Britney--a claim that was repeated by Kayla during Kenji and fellow detective Rodney Barnes' interview with the Logans' at their home.

Meanwhile, Sam's attempt to speak to Kayla resulted in her parents pulling her into the house, after which an angry Sam banged at the windows and screamed at Kayla. After it was uncovered that Kayla's inhaler was at the scene of the murder, Jay and Rebecca work further to frame Sam, doing so by attempting to bury Britney's phone behind Sam's house. Sam caught them in the act, leading to Rebecca having to pull Jay off of Sam during his attack, with the couple heading in their car afterwards. Sam loudly voiced his suspicions towards Kayla, and when he appeared in front of the Logans' car, the evil Rebecca accelerated and intentionally ran over Sam, leaving him clinging to life before bleeding to death after Jay stops Rebecca from calling for help.

After breakfast with Kayla, the villainous couple washed Sam's blood off of the bumper of their car, but to their surprise, Britney emerged and asked to speak to Kayla. As Britney revealed, her disappearance was a ruse so she could see her boyfriend, with Kayla later admitting her role to her parents during their confrontation, as she pretended to "push" Britney over the bridge in an attempt to get her divorced parents back together. Rebecca, having realized that she killed Sam to cover up a murder that didn't happen, became shocked over the revelation, but joined Jay in hugging Kayla, who begged her parents not to leave her. As the embrace occurred, police sirens were heard, which was followed by their doorbell ringing and officers banging at the door, most likely resulting in the couple being arrested (off-screen).


  • Mireille Enos also appeared on Numb3rs as the evil Grace Ferraro.
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