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Villainous lawyer Laura Strike-DePalma

Laura Strike-DePalma (Heather Mazur) is a villainess from "Double Trouble," episode 13.04 of NCIS (airdate October 13, 2015).

Laura Strike-DePalma was introduced as the attorney for Kobe Carver, a lingerie store owner whose business was a front for an illegal gambling operation. Agents Eleanor Bishop and Tony DiNozzo encountered the pair during the investigation into the death of Brian Dokes, who robbed Carver and was later killed in a car accident. Laura and Carver ejected the pair from the shop, and the investigation's progression revealed that the case was connected to disgraced former NCIS agent Kip Klugman, who attempted to frame NCIS Director Leon Vance of assault.

Vance decided to join Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the investigation, which led to the pair encountering Laura and learning that she was also representing Klugman as well. Regarding Dokes, it was uncovered that Carver drugged him with LSD during the robbery, with Carver's interrogation revealing that his security guard, Lump, was involved in a different plan to rob him. The mastermind was Klugman, though in the episode's climax, Lump resorted to stealing the cash from Vance and Gibbs, unaware that the latter had planted his cellphone in one of the evidence boxes to track the money.

As for Laura, she was revealed as a conspirator, as NCIS tracked Lump to her law office, where the villainess accepted a cut of the ill-gotten money from Klugman. After gunshots were heard, the group entered to find that Lump had been shot (but survived) in a confrontation with Vance after the phone was found, and afterwards, the evil Laura ended up handcuffed and arrested, while stating that she would not say anything and advised Klugman to also remain silent.