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The evil Laura Scott

Laura Scott (Haley Webb) was the main villainess from "Don't Die on Me," episode 2.09 of Beauty and the Beast (airdate January 13, 2014). She was a lawyer and a business associate of Curt Windsor, who was killed earlier in the season in "Father Knows Best."

Laura phoned Tori Windsor, Curt's daughter, early in the episode regarding a 1:00 appointment that required Tori to sign over ownership of Chelsea Curios, which was referred to as an antiques shop. When Tori stated multiple times that she couldn't make it, Laura ominously warned Tori that she knew about Curt being a genetically altered beast (which Tori also was), and she threatened to expose him to the world if she didn't appear and sign. Under that threat, Tori met with Laura and her henchman, Owen, with both villains forcing her to sign. Instead, Tori asked questions about how they knew Curt, prompting Laura to berate Tori and Owen to point a gun at her. Upon seeing the weapon, Tori unleashed her beastly form and escaped.

In the episode's climax, Catherine Chandler went with Tori to the shop to investigate, only to be encountered by the evil Laura and her henchmen. The villainess ordered Tori to open a safe in the shop, using a retinal scan, threatening to kill Cat if she didn't comply. After the safe was opened, Cat went inside with Owen, only to later fight off Owen and end up locked in the safe by Tori to protect her. While inside, Cat found what appeared to be beastly skeletal remains; meanwhile, Laura ordered Tori to re-open the safe. At that moment, Vincent Keller arrived and saved Tori by killing Laura, Owen, and the rest of Laura's henchmen.


  • Haley Webb is best known for playing recurring villainess Jennifer Blake, and later appeared as the evil Skye Chaste in the Lifetime film, Unwritten Obsession.