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Villainous conspirator Grace Ferraro

Grace Ferraro (Mireille Enos) is a villainess from "End Game," episode 4.15 of Numb3rs (airdate April 25, 2008). She is the wife of military officer Ryan Ferraro.

Grace was interviewed at her home by Liz Warner and David Sinclair regarding her husband, who masterminded the abduction of the family of Clay Porter (who murdered his girlfriend's killers earlier in the season), with Grace claiming that she hadn't seen him since he broke out of the brig three months prior. She also claimed that her marriage became strained following the end of Ryan's first tour, adding that Ryan became abusive and drunk.

It was established in the early scenes that Ryan was locked up for torturing a prisoner, which resulted in his death, though the episode's progression revealed that the prisoner had stolen $1.5 million and stashed it somewhere, with Ryan demanding the whereabouts. As for Clay, he was the guard on duty, and after the prisoner's death, Clay reported him, leading to his imprisonment. Regarding Grace, it was ultimately revealed that she was a conspirator in her husband's escape, as she paid Jake Renner $15,000 to break him out, and bribed a medic $5000 to stage Ryan's heart attack.

Megan Reeves confronted Grace with the facts, and afterwards, the evil Grace revealed that Ryan gave her $50,000, adding that there was more coming. The villainess confessed to her role in the escape, but denied knowing ahead of time that Ryan would abduct Clay's family. Ryan was eventually captured for the abduction as well as the murder of Clay's father, Clay Sr., and as for Grace, she was also arrested (off-screen) for arranging her husband's escape.



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