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Villainous conspirator Elaine Bertram

Elaine Bertram (Tracy Trueman) is a hidden villainess from the 2019 Hallmark film, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries:  An Inheritance to Die For, the eleventh film of the Aurora Teagarden series (airdate August 11, 2019). She is a probate lawyer for Gladys McCourt, the aunt of Lizzy and Sally Allison.

Gladys died suddenly early in the film, though detective Arthur Smith revealed that Gladys was actually poisoned with cyanide. Many of Gladys' recipients were suspected, with the main one being Gladys' son, Cade McCourt. Cade's anger over being cut out of the will and the shocking announcement that control of Allicourt Industries would got to Aida Teagarden (Aurora Teagarden's mother) made Aida the prime suspect, though chef Jeremy Connor was also suspected due to the fact that he received $500,000 in the will.

It was Elaine who devised the will, which was a recent change from a previous one where Jeremy was originally set to inherit $50,000. She was interviewed twice by Aurora and Nick Miller, with Elaine claiming ignorance to the new will, and also referring to Jeremy's new amount as a typographical error. Cade was arrested after a bottle of cyanide was found in his office, though he was released after Jeremy was found dead, having been poisoned. The film's climax revealed that Jeremy did, in fact, kill Gladys, but it was under the orders of the true mastermind, Victor Hansen.

Two years prior to the events, Victor was accused of embezzling millions from Allicourt while he was CEO, but it was actually Cade who stole the money. Cade lied to his mother and stated that Victor was the thief, and much to Victor's astonishment, Gladys took Cade's side and fired Victor, throwing him a retirement party to keep up appearances. Victor colluded with Jeremy to kill Gladys, and regarding Elaine, she set up the new will as part of Victor's reward to Jeremy. In addition, the evil Elaine paid for the storage unit where Jeremy's "stolen" car was found, doing so as part of Victor's plan to frame Cade. Jeremy was killed by Victor when he demanded more money, and after Victor was revealed and arrested, Elaine was also arrested (off-screen) for her role in the conspiracy.


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