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Villainous lawyer Diana Corning

Diana Corning (Amanda Quaid) is a villainess from "Rush to Judgment," episode 6.06 of Blue Bloods (airdate October 30, 2015). She was introduced as a victim of a sexual assault at the hands of civil rights lawyer Gerry Guerrero.

According to Diana, she approached Guerrero and asked him to participate in the anti-NYPD rally that took place in the beginning of the episode, with the meeting leading to the pair heading to Guerrero's apartment. It was there--also according to Diana--that the assault occurred, as Diana stated that Guerrero roofied her. Detectives Danny Reagan and Maria Baez arrested Guerrero, who denied the accusations in his interrogation and stated that he and Diana had consensual sex with each other.

Guerrero suggested that Diana was setting him up, and evidence of the claim began to surface after Danny and Maria appeared at Diana's apartment, only to learn that Diana had moved out. Maria's online search uncovered Diana's backstory; she was married twice--the first one was a marriage of convenience that was done to keep her then-husband in the US. After photos of Diana appeared in a "sugar daddy" website, the search uncovered Diana's whereabouts and her true motive. As it turned out, Diana was a lawyer working for the Costello & Davis firm, taking the job right after they lost a bid for a $6 million discrimination suit to Guerrero.

As Maria revealed to Diana during her confrontation, Diana set out to seduce and set up Guerrero as a rapist as payback for her company losing the bid, and in response, the evil Diana denied all of the claims made by Maria. In the end of the episode, NYPD commissioner Frank Reagan revealed to Guerrero that an investigation was conducted regarding Diana's false claims, giving an indication that the villainess was arrested and charged (off-screen) for her crimes against Guerrero.