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Johnny's villainous Aunt Jebidisa

Aunt Jebidisa (B.J Ward) is the villainess of "Bravo Dooby-Doo", episode 1.03 of Johnny Bravo (airdate July 21, 1997). She was the aunt of the show's titular protagonist, who lived in an isolated mansion on Widow's Peak.

The episode began with Johnny en route to visit Jebidisa, only for his car to break down. However, the Scooby gang passed by in the Mystery Machine and offered to take Johnny to the house after learning of the house's spooky nature. When the group arrived, they saw that Jebidisa was nowhere to be seen.

Just then, a ghost gardener arrived, demanding the teens left. Several comedic escapades then occured, using the classic Scooby-Doo formulas. Eventually, the ghost was trapped in a fallen chandelier. The ghost was then unmasked and revealed as having been Jebidisa all along.

The evil Jebidisa revealed her villainous motive: she despised Johnny and considered him an embarrassment to the family name. She donned her disguise in hopes of scaring him away and bemoaned her scheme's failure. However, the Scooby gang, who had grown tired of Johnny's obnoxious behaviour themselves took Jebidisa's side. The scene then cut to the gang tying Johnny to a tree on the side of the road, before driving off with Jebidisa who celebrated being rid of her nephew before making lecherous comments towards Shaggy.